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How to Download and Install Just Dance Now for PC

Just Dance Now for PC
Written by Mohsin Raza

Just Dance Now for PC – one of the best dance simulators for your device.

Gameplay and controls

This simulator is a full version previously presented for consoles (Xbox and PlayStation). In the consoles, users watched the movements of special sensors, and on Android devices, it will be an accelerometer, so the only thing you need in addition to your smartphone or tablet is a TV with Internet connections or a personal computer on which you need to go to the site and enable a special program

By going to the site, you will see a special number that is indicated in the mobile application for the connection to occur. After all the settings are completed, you can select one of the songs and go to a dance. I am glad that almost all the songs in the game are free, and they are replenished daily, in addition, there are both little-known artists and hits.

As for the dance, everything is simple here. On the screen of the second device, a video with a dancing person will be simultaneously shown. You, in turn, must pick up a smartphone or tablet and repeat the movements shown. This is necessary to track the results, which will allow the computer to evaluate the dance and put the final mark. A more interesting dance will be performed by several people, so feel free to call your friends and have fun.

Graphics and music

The game is designed in a stylish and simple enough way – bright colors and good animation of character movements. Music is what attracts true music lovers and fans to move the body. There are completely different tracks, and they differ both in genre and performance.

How to Install Just Dance Now for PC:

Choosing and Emulator:

The very first thing you need is to get the best Android emulator for yourself. We have compiled a list of them, feel free to follow the link below. However, choose the one that supports your device better than the other.

Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac

Installation and Configuring:

Regardless of what Emulator you’ll choose, the process is still the same. However, for Gameloop, make sure that your game is registered in its market. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play it. Assuming you have downloaded any other emulator and installed it. Let’s configure it.

  • The graphics and the rest of the settings will be optimized on their own, so don’t bother. All you need is to enter an active but not your primary G-mail ID. And you are good to access the Play Store.

How to Install the game:

  1. Just open the Play Store.
  2. Search for Just Dance Now
  3. Click on Install.
  4. Wait, since it’ll take time to download.
  5. Once done, you can open the game from the App Drawer.
  6. Enjoy!

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